A Cure for What Stops You

The truth is... the only person that can give you a better life is you. Our greatest gift is our ability to create.


About Michael Carrigan

Michael is the founder of The Conversation People is an international company providing training in the US, Canada, France and Australia. The company specializes in Training, Consulting and Supporting individuals and corporations around the art of Results Based Conversations and Communications. The Conversation People programs are also excellent for Cultural Change, Pre and post divorce work and to help people live a guilt free life!

For 35 years Michael has been assisting businesses and individuals and in 1996 he started sharing his wisdom and communication expertise with the world when he recorded “Quiet Shift to Excellence”™, an audio presentation that exhibits workplace situations that arise when communication fails due to lack of knowledge, skill or caring. Michael has the ability to simplify important concepts that creates the opportunity for individuals to learn quickly. He has the innate talent of invoking passion in his clients. After all, in his words, “There is Nothing More Powerful than a Conversation”